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Stainless Steel Loops & Hooks

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๏ปฟ๏ปฟLoops ๏ผš

A Threading Bead Loop wire can hold multiple beads at once, and can also be used for attaching easy Loop hair extensions. Loop have 41/2โ€ wire.Strong handle grip. Not slip & sweat in hands during the use. 

Latch Hook:

This needle is beautifully ornate and made of stainless steel. Insert pulling needle through a tube, grab the hair with needle tool and slide through the tube hole. Apply pressure to flatten the tube using clamping tool. It is absolutely better than the cheaper needle made of wood or plastic. Professional 5.5โ€ stainless steel latch hook with โ€œ1.7mm sizeโ€ tip. The tip will fit into all our Cylinder copper links. Strong handle grip Not slip & sweat in hands during the use.  

Material ๏ผš Wood handle & Stainless Steel 

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Love the loop needle threader, it is good.

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